8 Reasons why you should use Email Marketing

The biggest challenge for any company is to decide where to invest their marketing money and how much to invest to get a decent ROI. After an extensive research on the possible marketing channels, Email Marketing is considered as one of the most vital marketing solutions for any sized business to reach out to their […]

Guidelines for everyone to grow their Email Lists

We have three tips for you today which can help you to grow your email lists acquire new customers, reduce churn and nurture existing Customers. Optimize your opt-in Make your Opt-in Form Visible: The most important part of having an Opt-in is to display it properly. Position it in a place where others can find […]

Ask these while initiating an Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing has been labelled as one of the most effective and cost efficient marketing medium of 20th century, and has been a part of every Marketing Campaign since then. Getting into Email Marketing is easy; but getting results takes time and requires a solid strategy. Today we will be reviewing a list of questions […]