US Real Estate Agent / Broker Database 

If you target Real Estate Brokers and Agents, and need to reach this market quickly and cost effectively, we have the exclusive real estate broker database available on the market that will allow you to reach them quickly and efficiently by email, direct mail or by phone. 

This database provides you with data on over 1.6 Million real estate agents in the US. Data include agent name, and all critical contact information including email address, postal address, telephone / fax numbers. 

We have all the detailed contact information for over 1.6 Million real estate brokers in the United States, available in a database format that you can import into your own software programs or sort as you wish in our excel database. You may also purchase our “EMAIL ONLY” National Real Estate Agents Database of close to 2 Million emails. 

Here is the National Breakdown of our Real Estate Broker & Agent Database:

Real Estate Agent





RSA LIST SERVICES continuously updates its databases in an efforts to ensure that the data you receive is the utmost in quality and accuracy. We will replace any inaccurate records returned to us, from your date of purchase for 12 months, guaranteeing that you will be working with fresh data for 1 year.