RSA List Services Corporation, established in 1998, is a leading global service provider of business information solutions.

RSA List Services provides business intelligence on corporate America through an exclusive portfolio of executive email lists, mailing lists and corporate databases for targeted industries. The company compiles exclusive business databases of leading corporations across the United States and Canada, and provides critical contact information on key executives and top management of corporate America.

RSA List Services combines and organizes corporate intelligence from hundreds of information sources supplied by world class content providers, creating highly strategic market information to give you a competitive edge. This includes public and private company profiles, executives, corporate families, industries, financials, news, analyst reports, trade and business press articles.

In addition, RSA’s Market Intelligence team collect, edit and update specific, valuable information such as in-depth private company business descriptions, executive contacts and merger and acquisition activity.

RSA List Services clients use its business to business lists for direct marketing, database marketing, mailing lists, prospect lists, analyzing their customers and developing their sales and marketing strategic planning.

Contrary to list brokers and other list compilers, RSA List Services Corporation offers its clients the opportunity to acquire databases by delivering the actual databases, allowing companies and individuals to use the data for email marketing, direct mailings, and telephone lead generation.

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Buying a Database rather than “Renting a List”

Have you ever searched for b-to-b databases, mailing lists, and executive contact databases ? If you have, most database companies/list brokers and/or list compilers will tell you that you are really “Renting the lists ” for a one-time use, and that you must go through a third party service provider to initiate an email/direct mail campaign. On top of that, most of the list brokers do not allow you to telemarket the database, and they want to see your direct mail or email text before approving the transaction. Thus after paying $400 to $ 800 per thousand records to acquire a target b-to-b database, all you really end up having access to are the respondents to your direct marketing efforts…. and when you consider that 3-5% response rate is the norm in direct marketing, if you buy 10,000 names, all you’ll get if you’re lucky is 300-500 names. You will indeed realize that you have paid between $50-$60 a lead, and to grow your respondent database, you will need to reacquire additional databases, and hope that repetition will yield improved results.

Why you should acquire your B-to-B Database from RSA List Services?

When you acquire b-to-b lists from RSA List Services, we will actually deliver the database/list to you, for you to use it anyway you would like. Whether its for email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, you actually take possession of your database in an Excel format database, with RSA providing you quarterly updates for a full one year period , from date of purchase. There are no copyrights, the database, the mailing lists, the executive contact databases, the call center lists, are your property to grow, develop, cultivate….

Accurate B-to-B Executive Contacts

Comprehensive business information can mean the difference between profit and loss. In today’s complex business environment, reaching the right person with the right message is everything. With one of the most comprehensive business databases in the world, RSA LIST SERVICES can help you and your clients target—and reach—the best prospects for their company.

No one surpasses the depth or breadth of RSA List Services b-to-b lists, databases, Mailing Lists, Contact Center Lists, outsourced call centers and executive lists. We have the largest complete company database available anywhere, and make corporate information ( emails, phone, fax, website ) on more companies than any other database company.

Our b-to-b database is multi-sourced and updated continuously—through telephone interviews, mail and telephone surveys, public records, internet research, and other third-party and government sources. RSA List Services can assist you in expanding your business by pinpointing the companies that meet your selling and marketing criteria. We can help you locate new markets, identify new opportunities and build on existing relationships.

RSA List Services b-to-b lists are more than dynamic and offer you solutions you can’t find anywhere else. The RSA List Services lists and databases allows you to accurately identify and target your business-to-business audience, and allow you to reach your customers through a multiple of channels including direct mail, Internet, e-mail, or phone.