We use the best sources available for identifying businesses:
  • Yellow Pages / Business White Pages / Telephone Directories
  • Industry Affiliations/Specialized Industry Directories
  • PR & Business Newswires
  • Compilation of specialized trade show attendance lists
  • Research on the Internet/Corporate Websites
  • Annual Reports, 8Ks. 10-K’s& other SEC information
  • County Courthouse & Secretary of State data
  • Business magazines & top newspapers
  • Postal Service Information (NCOA)
  • Online Web Capture through Strategic Alliances
Do you broker or resell lists ?
No, we are not list brokers but rather we are List Owners and our own compilers. We do not buy our lists, nor do we rent lists. We do not sell our lists through any list brokers or list companies, nor are we interested in that business model. However, we will pay a finders fee or commission to any of our customers who refer to us business.
How would you classify your list business ?
Our list company is primarily a business to business list company. We provide hard to find executive contact information on practically all of Corporate America. In today’s competitive business information, you need to have quick access to all contact information, at all levels of an organization to stand a chance to sell you product/service.
How do you different your company from other list companies ?
Our company is operated by an entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in Direct Marketing, he understands how key executive contact information can be used, and he knows how to dig it up. We are pretty unique in accessing public information through much too numerous sources to be able to list out, and through our 100% replacement guarantee, we are able to keep our data updated cost effectively. All our data entry and updates is executed offshore and near shore, at very competitive labor rates allowing us to have the most competitive list pricing in the industry. We don’t sell online subscriptions to our databases, like many of our competitors do, yet we provide more information on executive contacts, including emails, and keep the data updated continuously, and that’s a guarantee.
How accurate are your business lists ?
RSA LIST SERVICES CORP. databases and lists are the most accurate business to business list source available on the market. We guarantee 100% accuracy.
Is it 100% accurate? No, this is simply impossible due to all the changes in the business world. Our information is updated continuously from new directories, and is telephone-verified as well. It’s the best business information available anywhere, but it is not perfect. You will still find a small percentage of errors and “out of business” names. However, having 5-10% undeliverable names is not uncommon, especially in industries with high levels of turnover. With our 100% replacement guarantee, you can rest assured that the databases and lists you are acquiring are the most reliable business to business lists.
We work very hard to qualify every record in the database. We compile our information from over as many public sources available, then we call every business to verify and collect additional information. But we can’t guarantee that every name is valid., but with our replacement guarantee, you are assured you will be getting 100% of the number of records you are purchasing.
How do you maintain updates of all your lists and databases, and what guarantees do ou provide ?
We have a very unique process in the list industry, whereby we provide a 100% replacement guarantee to all our customers who purchase a list and find inaccurate records. We will replace any inaccurate records emailed back us, for a period of 12 months from the date purchased. Once a database is delivered to a customer, and the customer accesses the database information, there are no refunds., only record replacement for inaccurate records returned. ( Due to the proprietary nature of our products (unencrypted data) we cannot accept returns and no refunds will be issued.) When our customers flag an inaccurate record, we immediately initiate a follow-up process to verify by telephone, email, fax and correct the inaccurate records. They are then inserted back into the list/database they originated from so that our new and existing customers receive the most updated data.
Why should I purchase a list/database from RSA LIST SERVICES ?
We are the only list company on the market that delivers all the database information, including emails, phone, fax, company URL, and allows you to target by revenues, geography, industry, and number of employees for our executive list services. We do not claim to have any copyrights attached to any of our lists, and do not attach any restrictions to any of our lists, and that is our major competitive differentiator. You can use the lists as many times as you wish, in whatever means as you want ; phone, email, fax, direct mail, etc…. The information we market is information we acquired from public sources, why make it proprietary ?? However, we provide our lists in a database format that will save you days, months, weeks of research and tabulation/data entry work.
Do you provide your existing customers list updates, and at what cost ?
We provide free quarterly updates to all our active list customers, for a period of 12 months following a list/database acquisition. The service is free, all we ask is that our customers maintain an active contact with us by providing any inaccurate records. This guarantees that we provide the quarterly updates.
Are your lists competitively priced ?
We can boast to be the most competitively priced list company. We have the lowest cost per thousand in the list industry, either full records or email records only.When you shop around for a list, just make sure you understand what you’re buying, or should I say renting ? The majority of the list companies out there will not deliver the data to you, they will force you to do an email blast, a direct mail campaign through a third party, without ever accessing the database information. In effect, you are renting the lists, most likely for a one-time use and price. We are not in the list rental business, we sell our lists without putting any restrictions on their use. The only restriction is the data cannot be resold.
Can you provide pricing on your targeted lists ?
Please email us at****@rs**********.com; rs******@gm***.com and specify the lists you are interested in, and we will be glad to provide you a price quote within the same business day, and in most cases within an hour ?
Can you send samples of your data ?
Please email us at in**@rs**********.com; rs******@gm***.com and let us know what list samples you would like to receive.
Are your list prices in US Dollars ?
Yes, our list prices are in US Dollars.
How long has RSA LIST SERVICES CORPORATION been in business, and how many active customers do you have ?
RSA LIST SERVICES CORPORATION has been in business since 1998. If we define active customers as customers who have purchased a list in the last 12 months, we have over 250 customers of which many are Fortune 500 clients, we also serve many entrepreneurial companies, who need to access targeted executive data quickly and cost effectively. Over 5000 companies have purchased lists from RSA List Services Corporation ….
Do you have any customer references ?
We have a number of our customer references listed on our website, and we will be glad to provide you contact information to talk to any of our customers, upon request.
Where are most of your customers ?
The majority of our customers, 90% to be exact, are from the United States. We have 7% of our customers that are overseas, and 3% are in Canada.
How do I order a list/database from RSA Teleservices ?
You can call us directly at (514) 697-0585 or email your list order at 
in**@rs**********.com; rs******@gm***.com
How do I pay for my list order ?
You can pay for your list order with any Major Credit Cards (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA or MASTER CARD, DISCOVER), or by sending in a company check, by mail or FedEx, or you can pay by electronic wire transfer.
Email us at in**@rs**********.com; rs******@gm***.com requesting our banking information.
How do you deliver your lists ?
We can either email you your lists or send you a CD/DVD with your data. We deliver 97% of our lists by email, in a zipped file.
What format do your lists/databases come in ?
All our lists/databases are in an excel format ( .csv – comma separated values ) which is the best and most flexible format to have a list in. You can import our data into any software/contact manager. We will provide all the simple instructions for you to import your data into any program.
Can you deliver the databases/lists in any other formats ?
Yes, we can deliver the database/lists in any other formats you specify.
Can you deliver the databases/lists in any other formats ?
Please send us an e-mail with your company name, address, phone number, email and key executive contact names in your company. We will forward that information to our database compilation group. Your information will be compiled within our database, but we will telephone verify your listing prior to including your record in our databases.