Marketing improves the selling environment and plays a very important role in sales. Marketing processes of an organization entail anticipating the needs and wants of consumers and satisfying them more effectively than competitors. The strategies for marketing include a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

The marketing department generates a list of potential customers, that directly benefit sales. The marketing and promotional processes and strategies include advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and public relations, creating new sales channels, or creating new products (new product development), brand marketing, viral marketing, and direct mail among other things. It can also include bringing the potential customer to contact the organization for gathering more information, either through it’s website or by interacting with the organization via social media. 

Without marketing it is difficult, if not impossible, to have prospects or leads to follow up in accordance to the strategies for successful closing rates. Marketing is therefore vital for the success of your business. Through excellent marketing strategies and methodology, and effecting leveraged sales with the right choice of business leads and decision makers, your business can experience acceleration in growth and revenue. 

RSA List Services Corporation has been able to differentiate itself from other list companies by compiling key contact information ( including emails ) on difficult to find Marketing Executives, Business Development Titles and Sales Executive Titles, and can populate a comprehensive Executive Database of Key Marketing Executives for your company, that cannot be sourced anywhere on the market. 

RSA List Services Corporation can populate contact details of marketing executives with titles such as:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • SVP, VP, Director, Manager – Marketing
  • SVP, VP, Director, Manager- Sales
  • SVP, VP, Director, Manager – Business Development
  • Brand Marketing Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Contacts
  • Online Marketing Managers/Directors
  • Database Marketing Manager
  • Media Planners, Event Planners
  • Direct Marketing Executives
  • Advertising Executives
  • Internet & electronic Commerce Marketing Executives  

Marketing Database #1: Fortune 1000 Marketing & Sales Executives: F1000 MSE

Reaching the Fortune 1000 individuals who control their company’s Marketing and Business Development sales strategies is essential to the success of any company targeting Marketing & Sales Professionals.

RSA LIST SERVICES CORPORATION delivers the Fortune 1000 CMOs and all other marketing and sales executives responsible to grow the company’s sales revenues, and who have the authority to buy and the money to spend on Business Development and marketing initiatives; Advertising, Internet, Print, TV, Databases and Marketing Technology. The Fortune 1000 MSE database gives you the opportunity to target a specific market segment of our audience by designing a list of prospects for direct mail and e-mail purposes.

Fortune 1000 MSE initiate, control and approve 80% of the dollars to be spent on information Marketing and Sales — and is the only source that lets you deliver customized messages to key decision makers with top-level purchasing authority. No other source delivers this audience.

If you target primarily the Chief Marketing Officers, RSA LIST SERVICES CORPORATIONcan offer you the exclusive Fortune 1000 MSE Database. 

RSA LIST SERVICES CORPORATION is the first and only company to offer a complete database of Fortune 1000 CMOs and all Marketing and sales executives of these companies, complete with personal email addresses.

This database contains 5000 contacts and comes complete with corporate websites, contact name, title, corporate address, telephone, fax and email addresses. You will not find another source offering comparable and complete information on the Fortune 1000 CMOs. Even Fortune Magazine does not offer an email appended database.This database is exactly what you need for your next direct mail campaign, email campaign or telesales lead generation.

Marketing Database #2: US Marketing Contact Database (USMCD)

The US Marketing Database contains contact information for Marketing Executives from 5000 US Corporations. The information includes Company & Contact Name, Title, Phone & Email Address, Mailing Address, CompanyDomographics. If you are seeking marketing executive contacts( CMO, SVP Marketing, Marketing Directors, Product Marketing, Brand Marketing Managers, Advertising Managers,etc… ) to introduce your company’s products and or services to, this data will assist you in contacting various marketing executives from thousands of SMB companies! The data is in Excel CSV format.

Marketing Database #3: Direct Marketing Executive Decision-Maker Database

Target the most influential executive decision-makers of the multi-billion direct marketing industry by acquiring this database of key executives that make decisions on direct mail, catalogs, direct response, TV, telephone, and any/all other direct response media. These decision makers are the key contacts for buying printing/production solutions, new technology, copy, lists/databases, customer service, acquisition, call center services and fulfillment. This Excel database is complete with company name, address, telephone number, websites, executive contacts, with full titles and email addresses, and can be imported into any contact management software such as ACT, Goldmine or any CRM software. The database of Direct Marketing Executive Decision-Makers contains 28,000 influential executives at all levels in their respective organizations.






RSA LIST SERVICES continuously updates its databases in an efforts to ensure that the data you receive is the utmost in quality and accuracy. We will replace any inaccurate records returned to us, from your date of purchase for 12 months, guaranteeing that you will be working with fresh data for 1 year.