Telecommunications Executive Contact Lists

TelecommunicationsThe Telecommunication industry is considered as a dynamic, cutting-edge industry today. Telecommunications is the central nervous system of the U.S. economy. Over the last 10 years, advances in telecommunications and information technology were responsible for as much as 75 percent of U.S. labor productivity gains.

To stay connected with the telecommunication leading industry professionals, it becomes essential to know who’s who, who’s where and how to reach them quickly and effectively. If you are trying to reach decision makers and

Executives from telecommunication industry, rely on RSA LIST SERVICES Telecommunications Lists. The list consists of the most influential executives and key decision makers from the telecommunication industry. They play a major role in company’s executive decision making, telecommunications, network & telephone systems and long distance usage, Internet and others. 

RSA List Services executive owners have been involved in the Telecommunications Industry for over 30 years, and have access to an exclusive and continuously updated database of the most influential and powerful Telecom Executives across North America.

RSA’s Telecommunications Lists have been developed in cooperation with leading Industry Marketers who have shared their insight on the most powerful and influential contacts and titles in the industry. 

Reach Key Decision Makers of the Telecommunications Industry

Target the key decision-makers of major telecommunications companies across the United States and Canada, and get access to all their contact information including emails, phone, fax, and company website.

This database will allow you to reach the major long distance companies, local carriers, mobile wireless companies, broadband, telecom equipment and networking companies, Information Technologies, VoIP Telephony, Broadband, DSL, Telecom consultants & Cable companies, satellite, unified communications, emergency communications and the greening of technology. 

By acquiring this database/list, you will be reaching powerful Telecom ,across the US and Canada.

The database contains 28,000 records of key company executives with full contact information and company coordinates, and can be acquired by functional areas and titles, as follows: 

CXO Executives : CEO,CFO,CIO,COO,CMO, CTO and other high C-level contacts

Senior & Executive VPs : EVPs and SVPs of all functional areas : Finance, IT,Operations,Marketing, Sales, Legal & Compliance, Regulatory/Government contacts, Procurement & Supply Chain.

Directors &Managers :All functional areas: Finance, IT,Operations,Marketing, Sales, Legal & Compliance, Regulatory/Government contacts, Procurement & Supply Chain.






RSA LIST SERVICES continuously updates its databases in an efforts to ensure that the data you receive is the utmost in quality and accuracy. We will replace any inaccurate records returned to us, from your date of purchase for 12 months, guaranteeing that you will be working with fresh data for 1 year.