We have three tips for you today which can help you to grow your email lists acquire new customers, reduce churn and nurture existing Customers.

  1. Optimize your opt-in
  • Make your Opt-in Form Visible: The most important part of having an Opt-in is to display it properly. Position it in a place where others can find it more pleasing and would like to sign up for your Newsletters.
  • Don’t ask for too much information:People get annoyed when they are asked for too much information. So, limit yourself, ask for only the things you need – Usually Name & Email Address would be ideal.
  • Provide Incentives:Give them something back if they sign up. Like a free ebook, points, access to something interested on your website. People like to have perks.
  • Disclose Everything: Disclose all the information and also the facts about your Email Newsletters and Policies.
  1. Create Multiple Opportunities for Sign Up
  • Thank you Page: Have a Thank you page after they sign up. Just a small thank you for signing up will help you build certain level of trust in People.
  • Blogs: Blogs are a great way to do your Content Marketing. Publish the posts that matter the most and it’s a great way to interact with people with your words.
  • Live Events: Live Events encourages people to sign up for Newsletters. Arrange a few live events like Free Class to teach a skill or a Live Event for Presentations, etc.
  1. Welcome Email
  • Have a great Welcome Email. Welcome all the people who sign up with your newsletter. That gives them a good feel and establish a trust.

Most of the time, even though we do all these, we fail to grow our email lists. So have your content fresh and very interesting – something that everyone loves.

Happy Campaigning!