When you need to attract attention, you dress well. Same thing applies with Email Marketing. When you need someone to read your email, you should write THE PERFECT subject line, when marketing your product/service.

According to mailchimp “When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside”. So write the perfect email subject line that describes what you have inside, and market it in your words.

Some examples of Good Subject Lines:

  • Happy Birthday Lindsay – Surprise Inside!
  • What Can You Afford?
  • What are our customers saying?
  • Here is what you have missed from your last visit
  • Get clothes from where you love at price you’ll love!

How to write the perfect email subject:

1) Don’t be afraid to use the following:

  • ALL CAPS (not for the whole subject line, just to hight the occasional word)
  • The word FREE
  • An exclamation point!
  • Use geo-location to increase personalization.

2) Frame your subject line as a question, and target the question at the type of problems your customers/leads need answers to.

3) Keep it short: 50 characters or less works best. According to MailChimp, 28-39 had the highest click rate in a study of 200 million emails.

4) Symbols and special characters: they might get people opening them out of curiosity, but make you look unprofessional

5) Cheating: don’t used FW: in your subject to imply it’s come from a trusted source

6) Scams: People have become wary of requests for help

7) Numbers: details of your special offers (50% off etc.) can be useful, but don’t overuse them or you’ll establish yourself as a sales merchant

8) Names: Using first names in the subject line can reduce open rates

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