E-mail marketing has evolved, moving from simple one-way messages and autoresponders (referred to as e-mail 1.0), to a much more sophisticated way of communicating with your customers referred to as e-mail 2.0.

With platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc. You can start your own email campaign easily on the go. You can start your own email campaign even before you could figure out where to market your product, that’s how simple it is nowadays.

We at RSA List Services have established and proven procedures in the many ways of starting an effective Email Campaign. But, here are the steps one needs to adhere to be successful in your Email Marketing Efforts:

1. Select the optimal Email Marketing software

There are many Software Service Providers that offer a simple interface and complex functionalities including sales force management, shopping carts, affiliate programs and e-mail behaviour campaigns. So, you may need to choose the best one, suited for you. List size, frequency and prices should be considered, while choosing the right software service providers. Although there are Open Source softwares which are free to use, you might want to start thinking of ease and flexibility. Some of the“ Best-of-Class” software service providersinclude companies such as Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and AWeber.

2. Build a Email Database/List

Targeting the right audience is a critical component in helping you launch your email campaign efforts. According to our research, we found that the industry average of opens vs. number of clicks depends on the industry you’re in and who you are targeting. Getting the right people to target is the most important element of any Email Marketing Campaigns. We have many years of experience in delivering the right Email Contact Lists, which has helped hundreds of businesses grow their customer base and revenues. Get a free consultation by calling our support team at (514) 697-0585

3. Setup Contact Information Capture Forms

Setting up a Contact Information Capture Form on your website, page or blog which will help you get leads and get to know who your subscribers are, and what their needs, intereste may be. Buildingyour own Email Database will help you market your products more effectively.

4. Setup Triggers

Advanced but proven to be effective, Triggers are the elements that send the relevant information or note to the recipient, based on their interests,by tracking their click-throughs. Now, when someone clicks on a link, if a trigger is setup, it automatically sends relevant information to the user, thereby saving time and improving responsiveness with your prospective clients.

5. Follow basics of Email Marketing

We recently wrote a article on “Improve results of Email Marketing Campaigns” which is considered to be “ Best Practice”. Follow these basic elements and you could be reap the benefits

6. Monitor Results & Outcome

Now start monitoring your email campaigns. Check what people actually like to click and improvise. Start thinking about what people like in your product/service, who are actually interested and from where are you getting more responses. By monitoring these, you can build a sales strategy of your own for your next email campaign.

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